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Spatians Geo


Geographic Information System


Standard Mapping Processes with GIS enabled Techniques for Accurate Maps.

DGPS Land Survey

Land Surveys using DGPS Technology for Precise Mapping of Land Properties.



Remote Sensing


Raster Data Analysis and Image Processing.

DGPS Contour Survey

GIS based DGPS Survey with Height Information for accurate Contours.

Spatial Analysis & Modeling


Analysis of Vast Geographic Data for Ideal Solutions with Suitable GIS Data Modeling. 


Consultancy for GIS Project Management and guidance for Students, Professionals & aspirants.


     Spatians Geo Solutions is a proprietary enterprise in GIS Solutions & Services located at Chiplun, India. Registered on 1st June 2018 at Village Kapsal, it is framed to provide geospatial solutions for distinguished purposes of Resource Mapping and Management. Spatians is focused at improvising and adopting innovative methods for Land Mapping, Survey and GIS enabled Analytical Processes using very advanced Geospatial Technologies. 

     Spatians Geo Solutions has broad scale Vision of delivering very high accuracy Mapping and Precise Geospatial Solutions for managing our resources with ease and precision. ​Spatians has expanded its capabilities with latest equipment, technique, methods, customized in-house software applications and innovative research ideas for serving the purpose of GIS Technology. It’s major functional area is Surveying Lands with highly advanced techniques for precise mapping. In-fact, Spatians has combined Traditional and Advanced Methods of Surveying and Mapping for precise results and accurate verification.

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SpaCord is a in-house software application developed by Spatians Geo Solutions for assistance in Land Surveys. This application is uniquely designed and developed for improvising survey methods with greater accuracy, precision and faster identification of Coordinates over surveyed areas. In addition this software helps in managing database of every land property with its all associated attributes.


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Chiplun, District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile:  +91 9075475928


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