It is regarded as an emerging and powerful application in Drone Technology that gives instant results of present hour details of features to be mapped. In combination with traditional methods of surveying and mapping, drone mapping has proved its multifaceted approaches with great accuracy and precision from GCP identification up to measuring areas or boundaries. This advancement in technology has necessarily brought a constructive change in usage and practices in photogrammetry. Although, satellite imaging is beneficial over vast as well as comparatively smaller areas with in-depth detailed information, but its bit intricate while considering time and cost efficiency, provided with extra lookout for precise planning while covering smaller areas. Drone Mapping comes to rescue in these four major aspects (extent, time, cost & planning) for Land Mapping & Surveying.

     Spatians is dedicated with thorough and detailed observations at Drone Mapping and its benefits to developed its own unique methods, combined with in-house software applications (SpaCord) and traditional methods of Land Surveys for varied range of clients. These methods are not only time saving but also cost effective and most importantly these are convenient and absolutely core methods. It supports the conventional methods of surveying with added advantages of drone technology. These methods are so effective that even a satellite data & information can be very easily blended, providing greater depths of precise solutions for mapping and planning.

     DGPS Survey is one of the most demanding and authenticated Land Survey method practiced all over the globe. Developed for accurate positioning, further added with Selective Accuracy measures it is being operational efficiently for general public usage over two or more decades ago in underlying major developmental projects of developed as well as developing countries. There are ample amount of techniques and methods being used for DGPS Survey that includes wide range of advanced equipment and techniques. It is 'need of the hour' that a perfectly planned project will bring benefits to everyone associated with it, in addition it will be very convenient and cost effective. DGPS Surveys in Land Mapping has played a revolutionary role bringing up enormous capabilities in development & management of wide spectrum of projects.

     Spatians have a strong belief with experience that ‘a perfectly captured single coordinate can measure entire area, irrespective of size’. Therefore, Spatians have developed their own customised, faster, easier and well-ordered Mapping System using DGPS as its core service for measuring lands. However, Spatians is providing DGPS Land Survey as a strictly Private Land Measurement service, we combined the same with GIS Mapping techniques and aerial photogrammetry tools. Hence, the output is more precise & accurate and at same time its more elaborative, thematic and multifaceted. This unique technique is currently available for all Land areas varied in sizes, shapes and difficult locations (hilly terrains). In addition, Spatians is providing different options for generating customized thematic Maps based on land owner’s requirements.

     GIS, a technology that has taken a world by storm, in 21st Century, is one of the most efficient System made ever since. Its biggest advantage is that, it can be used in almost all basic life sectors for best management practices. This system literally holds on to the ground because of a term “Geographic Information” and they ‘mean it’ by virtue of huge information present on Geographia (Earth). Defining GIS as a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present spatial or geographic information, made it inclusive of all technologies, methods, procedures and people associated to make it functional and let it emerge as a separate technology although combining these other associated technologies. Emphasizing on GIS Technology for developmental projects in particular has provided easiest understandings and best solutions with precision and efficiently represented the plans in drafts, maps, models, databases and design formats prior to the project execution.

     Geographic Information System is the soul of Spatians Geo Solutions. Spatians has its vision to provide a best solution for every client is achieved by this absolute technology. It is because of GIS, Spatians can deliver the authentic outputs to our clients. Spatians has capacity to provide best solutions for projects associated with development, natural resources, agriculture, businesses, planning and management, navigation, trends etc. are mapped & analysed through GIS. Spatians is uniquely expertise in providing scaled & layered thematic maps is based on spatial analysis and geoprocessing tools which is fundamental aspect of GIS.

     Data which is Captured, Acquired, Processed and Analysed of farthermost locations without being physical presence of any instrument is generally categorized under Remote Sensing. It Includes varied range of terms to define either a method, process or tool that are being used under remote sensing. For Example, capturing method can be defined by a type of sensor on board satellite or aeroplane or copter or balloon or a drone with required frequency for required type of data (based on the purpose) further subjected to processes that analyse data with single or multiple sets of tools (serial or parallel) for expected or unexpected results, important here is resolution and scale of data. The commonly used Remote Sensing such as NDVI, classification, image processing, photogrammetry, trend analysis, raster analysis are widely helpful in various big projects.

     Spatians has extended its capabilities in providing services and consultations for these tools at an escalated scale on the basis of knowledge and experiences. At Spatians the consultancy for best remote sensing solution can be found effective in projects related to urban sprawl, forest cover, land use land cover, solar power plant installations, environment impact analysis, drainage patterns, DEM, 3D Mapping where raster data is proficiently analysed.

     Spatial Analysis is a ‘state of the art’ technique, one of the incredible abilities of Geo-spatial Tools used for solving ‘impossible solution’, incorporating Geographic, Topographic and Geometric Properties of objects with Mathematical, Statistical Algorithms further inculcated with computer programming is profoundly useful in solving location-based solutions. Its dynamic techniques proved undeniably vast array of data analyzing capabilities with Geo-spatial properties of an object or sets of objects. These objects can be presented in raster, vector or database formats, which are further processed and analysed using a model that will run automatically or with interception with set parameters, once probable solution is assessed. GIS Model is the set of procedures, methods, tools organised as workflow to accomplish the desired results that are required to use in solving or gaining the probable solutions of any Geo-spatial issue. Both Spatial Analysis and GIS Models are influenced and interdependent with its provided functionalities and capabilities. It is the requirement of the system that these two techniques are combined or tossed with each other for obtaining optimum solution, is achieved only by sound GIS Professionals. It’s getting furthermore interesting to see that collaterally Data Analytics is also playing a vital role in Spatial Analysis techniques improving artificial intelligence capabilities.

     Spatians Geo Solutions have the capacity to find the optimum solutions for its clients. Spatians can provide solutions for ecology, environment, hydrology, location-based services (LBS), Network, Navigation, Utilities, Social Sciences, Demography, Disaster Management, Natural Resources, Forestry, Land Surveys, 3D Mapping, Site Suitability Analysis and for all those issues where geographic location is vital. Thanks to all those Scientists and Intellectuals who developed Spatial Analytics and GIS Technology for making it feasible to work efficiently solving and providing accurate solutions.

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